City of Edna Bay Municipal GovernmentThe City of Edna Bay was organized in October of 2014.

Your local government is operated by a democratically elected Council of seven (7) local community members that manage the City's business through an in-depth process that directly involves the public in the meeting business at each step.

Public Meetings

Regular Council Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 6:00PM unless otherwise indicated on the meeting notice for the disclosed reason and purpose.

Public meetings of the City Council are held at the Edna Bay School.

Notices for City Council meetings are posted in three (3) public places around the City; at the Post Office, at the City Dock, and at the Edna Bay School.

City Council

City Council members are elected for three year terms unless appointed or elected to fill a vacant seat. Mayor and Vice-Mayor are elected by the Council annually following each Regular Election.

Below is a list of the acting City Council members:

Seat   Term Expires   Council Member

A   10/2018   Myla Poelstra
B   10/2018   Tyler Poelstra
C   10/2019   Doris Greif
D   10/2019   Heather Richter   (Mayor, 2017-18)
E   10/2020   Sandy Henson
F   10/2020   Lee Greif
G   10/2020   Karen Williams

The Annual City Election is held on the first Tuesday of October every year.